My name is Juerg Vollmer and I’m a swiss based agricultural journalist.

I’m editor-in-chief of the leading Swiss agriculture magazine «die gruene» (Link below)

And I’m writing the Smart Farming blog for the Swiss online magazine watson as an editor-at-large (Link below)

«die gruene», founded in 1968 

«die gruene» was founded in 1864 and is probably the oldest agriculture magazine in the world. The magazine got its name because of its green cover. For over 150 years the magazine has contributed to the modernisation of Swiss agriculture.

A team of experienced agricultural journalists works in the editorial departement in Berne, covering topics such as agricultural engineering, crop production and animal husbandry. And throughout Switzerland, freelance journalists and photographers produce texts and images for «die gruene».

The print magazine has 67,000 readers. This number is considerable because there are only 43,000 farms in the German-speaking part of Switzerland (four languages are spoken in Switzerland). The magazine reaches an even larger audience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as on YouTube and with the «AgrarPodcast».

Smart Farming-Blog 

The Smart Farming-Blog is pointedly written by Juerg Vollmer in the Swiss online magazine watson. It’s all about agriculture – but not for farmers, but explicitly for non-farmers. In the Smart Farming-Blog Juerg Vollmer describes the sustainable and future-oriented Swiss agriculture in an explanatory and understandable way.

Leisure and pleasure

Tour guide for Swiss farmers

The agriculture magazine «die gruene» organizes a dozen trips for Swiss farmers every year. As a tour guide, Juerg Vollmer regularly leads such two-week excursions, for example through Uzbekistan, Western Canada and Texas.

Texas & Countrymusic

In the 19th century, immigrant farmers from the German-speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland shaped Texas and its music. The Lone Star State, the Texas Germans and country music are a passion of Juerg Vollmer.

Trailrunning, Search and Rescue Dogs & Milk

Juerg Vollmer spends his free time in the Swiss mountains. There he trains himself in trail running and his Wolfsspitz as a Search and Rescue Dog (SAR). And of course in the mountain dairies he tries the local milk and mountain cheese.

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